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0775_cover*Mechatronic systems : devices, design, control, operation and monitoring /
edited by Clarence W. de Silva. – Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2008. – 1 v. : ill.
; 26 cm.
(*Mechanical engineering series)

Collocazione: 22a/0193


  • Provides convenient and up-to-date coverage of techniques and methodologies for mechatronic devices and systems
  • Treats the multiple domains of mechatronics as an integrated set of tools and techniques for design, analysis, control, monitoring, and diagnosis
  • Organizes information logically and uses snapshot presentations for important and complex concepts
  • Includes numerous detailed examples and case studies to demonstrate practical applications 
  • Mechatronics has emerged as its own discipline over the past decade, yet no reference has lived up to the demands of being a working guide for designing and implementing the new generation of mechatronic systems. Uniting an international team of leading experts, Mechatronic Systems: Devices, Design, Control, Operation and Monitoring rises to the challenge of providing a practical, comprehensive, and detailed guide to the theory and application of modern mechatronics.

    Weaving the Multi-Domain Tapestry
    This book treats all components of the mechatronic system as a unified whole, combining mechanics, electronics, intelligent control, sensors, actuators, and communication networks through integrated design. Extensive cross-referencing lends this work a coherence not found in other books on mechatronics, which amount to little more than collections of papers.

    Real-World Guidance from the Experts
    Extensive examples and case studies take you effortlessly from theory to analysis, design, and application. Convenient snapshots in the form of tables, graphs, illustrations, and summaries give you immediate access to the information you need.

    Mechatronic Systems: Devices, Design, Control, Operation and Monitoring is a critical compendium of need-to-know information covering mechatronic devices, communication and control technologies, mechatronic design and optimization, and techniques for monitoring and diagnosis.

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